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Tom Mitchell, Ph.D. has spent his adult life coaching and teaching others how to discover their unique, greatness within. His passion for exploring the boundaries of performance excellence began as an athlete in his native Pennsylvania. His avid study of sport psychology, motivation, and leadership, has led Tom to a richly varied career as a college coach and professor, motivational speaker, NBA sport psychology counselor, business coach and team building consultant.

Using many of the mental training practices that are found in athletics, he skillfully integrates sport psychology principles into business. Speaking passionately about the intangibles or "soft skills" found in highly successful teams and leaders, Tom teaches us how to practice these intangibles and create a winning culture.

Based on these success principles and proven practices, Tom co-founded MVP Performance Institute, bring his speaking and coaching to a wider audience.

In 2005, Tom and  NFL legend Joe Montana, co-authored an Amazon #1 Best Seller, "The Winning Spirit, Sixteen Timeless Principles that Drive Performance Excellence". He also co-authored "Winning Spirit Basketball" with NBA Hall of Famer, Chris Mullin.

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